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Ethnic museum

Etno muzejs The world of hat

We will prove that museums can be fascinating!
Exciting guided tours in 3 languages
Events for adults
Workshops for children

The world of hat

We will prove that museums can be fascinating!

Immerse yourself in authenticity

THE WORLD OF HAT ETHNIC MUSEUM will introduce you to a large collection of unusual exhibits.

They are gathered from different corners of the world and carefully arranged.
The "World of Hats" museum can boast real cultural gems from various nations.

Here, you will see ritual and traditional headwear, hats of extraordinary shapes and purposes, made from astonishing materials and from different eras!

We will tell you everything in vivid detail

Professional guides will lead you through the intricacies of history, revealing the secrets of extraordinary headwear, and immersing you in the customs of the world's peoples.

We offer interesting guided tours in three languages (LV, EN, RU) - choose the one that suits you!

Interesting for Everyone!

for Everyone!
for Children
for Adults
A Great Idea
for a Date For
Tourists and
Locals Alike


The founder of the museum is Kirill Babaev, a renowned scholar, linguist, historian, ethnographer, orientalist, doctor of philological sciences, and traveler. During his scientific expeditions, he discovers astonishing exhibits.

Now, it has evolved into a breathtaking and diverse collection of ethnic headwear, which has been the highlight of numerous exhibitions and festivals, later finding its permanent home in Riga. It is the world's first museum of headwear!

The collection is truly unique, featuring exhibits from all corners of the globe! Each of them is special and carries cultural value. Visitors can marvel at the skills and imagination of artisans, admire the antique artistry of ancient headwear, be astonished by the resourcefulness of different ethnic groups, and appreciate the distinctiveness of each nation.

Workshops for Children

It's more fun together
Children can simultaneously learn interesting facts about cultures of different nations, have fun, and engage in creativity!

All of this happens at our workshops on making hats from around the world. Here, children will learn about traditional headwear from various ethnic groups and create their own unique versions.
We provide all the necessary materials
Teach various decoration techniques, and help them spend their time productively and enjoyably. Along the way, we share fascinating facts and cultural peculiarities of different countries, drawing inspiration from the specifics of their traditional headwear.
This kind of activity is suitable for children of all ages!
Price and Schedule:
It's an excellent opportunity for children to learn more about different cultures of the world, develop their creative thinking, and imagination. Every Wednesday at 15:00 - 15 euros per participant.

For a group of 5 people or more50 euros for the whole group with the option to choose the date and time.

Workshops for Adults

Adults also enjoy our events!
This month, we are hosting workshops on creating your unique hat at our Museum of Headwear.

It's an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of traditions, express your creative spirit, learn about different hat-making techniques, traditional materials, and tools.

You can design a distinctive headwear piece that adheres to the production standards of a particular culture while adding your own personal style. Additionally, you will have the chance to enjoy a guided tour of the museum.

Price: 30 euros per participant.


Entrance Tickets:
EUR 5.00
Schoolchildren, pensioners, students
EUR 4.00
Children up to 7 years old
Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children)
EUR 15.00
Group ticket (5 or more adults)
EUR 4.00 per person
Group ticket(5 or more children)
EUR 3.00 per person
Guide service (in Latvian/Russian/English)
EUR 30.00
Children's Workshop
1 child
EUR 15.00 per person
For a group of 5 children
EUR 50 per group

Inviting School Classes!

We collaborate with the cultural-educational program "Latvijas skolas soma" (Latvian School Bag).

We understand that schools arrange excursions based on their refinancing programs, so we offer you special conditions. Get in touch with us to submit an application and receive an invoice for payment.
Book your date!

Work schedule

Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat - open
12:00p.m. - 17:00p.m.
Thursday is the day of children's workshop
12:00p.m. - 14:00p.m.
Any day and time
Reservations for groups of 5 or more or for adult events.

Revive Your Instagram!

Mysterious and languid photos no longer capture anyone's interest. Spice up your feed with colorful shots from our museum! Here, you can definitely create unique content.

Mysterious and languid photos no longer capture anyone's interest. Spice up your feed with colorful shots from our museum! Here, you can definitely create unique content.

Guest Book

8 of October 2022
Daniela Silvestri
Wonderful collection of around a hundred of tradicional and particular hats and headdresses, some precious, many coloured, from all over the world. A real paradise, a full immersion in culture and tradition of different people.
27 of June 2019
Oriane Piquot
Absolutely delicious visit in this cosy small but complet and really organised and clean museum, hidden and discret in Riga, go to visit it ! Bravo to the team!

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